I am a Speech and Language therapist who specialises in helping Parents, Therapists, Teachers and Practitioners in analysing the skills they use in order to support children’s confidence in speech, language, communication and learning development. I offer courses in Interaction, self evaluation, self reflection, Peer support and Continuing professional development.

Language, communication and learning skills are developed through natural interaction. It is what the adult does and the timing of their response that helps the child on to the next phase in their vocabulary development, word order, use of language and experimentation for learning.

Children who are confident communicators are easy to support and teach. This is because those children pull the skills out of the adult and by initiating, support the adult in knowing what they need to say or do next and how they need to do it.

Children who present as less able in their speech, language communication and learning abilities can send out different communication signals which in turn affect the confidence and responses of the adult. They may not initiate, so the adult finds it hard to know what to say or do, or they may initiate but be unclear in their words, word order, intention or action. This makes it challenging for the adult to know how to respond, what to say or what to do next.

VERVE Child Interaction supports adults in seeing what they already do to support each child, how and when they use these skills, and how to optimize on them in order to support each child in increasing their rate of progress.

To find out more please visit: www.vervechildinteraction.org