For Teachers and CPD

VERVE Child Interaction has been developed to support Teachers in analysing the specific skills they use in preparing, managing, differentiating, facilitating and teaching whole classes.
As a Specialist in Interaction and Learning I coach individual Teachers to analyse and reflect on their own strengths and skills using video. After two individual sessions the system can be used autonomously, as part of exchange sessions with other staff members, for Training purposes within individuals own schools and as part of Ongoing Professional Development.

VERVE Child Interactionor for teachers

  • Provides a systematic positive means for teachers to reflect on their own practice, qualities, knowledge and thinking.
  • Identifies each individual’s specific skills and their impact upon children
  • Provides matched language demands, supported learning opportunities and cognitive challenges for each child.
  • Develops an open, equitable and fair system which offers clarity and consistency
  • Encourages a culture whereby staff feel confident and empowered to participate in personal evaluation.
  • Presents an evidence tool which generates Professional dialogue and supports individuals in their own Performance Management.
  • Meshes Aims and strategies of teaching staff in order to support each child during the year and in smooth transfer year on year.
  • Offers the opportunity for integration of strategies recommended by Specialist staff in to the daily routine of the classroom

Study sessions can be held at:

Suite 4, Norman House 110 - 114 Greenwich High Road
London SE10 9QJ.

Setting and school based sessions are arranged in Stages and Phases e.g. Foundation stage, Key stage 1 etc.

Please contact me directly in order to discuss your individual or whole Phase/School needs. click here

Please note: parental consent for use of video is mandatory.