For Speech and language Therapists

I offer courses in VERVE Child Interaction for those Speech and Language Therapists who believe that Parents insight and skills with their own children are a fundamental part to therapy, and that all adults have an impact on each child’s access to communication.

VERVE Child Interaction is for all children who are seeking support with their communication development. The use of video is a philosophy. It offers adults the opportunity to reflect on what supports each individual child best, based on the knowledge of the parent and family. It is a tool for parent and therapist to develop together.

The aim of each course is to support therapists in becoming ‘Interactionalists’.

The courses on offer are:

Course Title: For those who wish to facilitate children’s language, communication and learning development through: Length of course
1. VERVE Child Interaction for parents Parental support using video interaction, Parent workshops and Therapist led children’s groups. 2 days
½ day follow up
2. VERVE Child Interactionfor practioners Practitioner support using video interaction and Practitioner workshops. 1 day
½ day follow up

In addition I offer Continuing Professional Development courses for Therapists:

Course Title To facilitate speech and language therapists: Course length
Self-evaluation using video In being specific about the skills that they use in supporting a client through the therapy process. 1 day or
2 half days.
Video Peer supervision and support In becoming confident in supporting and sharing skills and ideas through the use of video. 1 day or
2 half days.

Study days are held at:

Suite 4, Norman House 110 - 114 Greenwich High Road
London SE10 9QJ.

Please email for Agendas and costs and to discuss tailor editing courses.
Trust based sessions can be arranged by contacting me directly.